Company Profile

In 1982, Business & Marketing Intelligence (Pty) Limited (BMI), produced the first ever, comprehensive research document on the South African Building Industry. This research entitled, Prospects for Building Materials and Fittings, 1982 – 1987,was well received by suppliers of building materials and the list of subscribers proved the need for market intelligence in this industry sector.


The need for information is, however, an on-going one and consequently, the research reports were updated in 1984, 1986 and annually since 1988 to date, continuously refining, updating and expanding the database.


In 1990 Dr. Llewellyn Lewis purchased the Building Research Division of BMI (Pty) Ltd. and has since operated it as BMI Building Research Strategy Consulting Unit CC (BMI-BRSCU). In addition to Research into the Building Industry, the scope of BMI-BRSCU research activities has expanded to include scenarios for South Africa, for the residential and commercial Property Sectors and a range of other sectors. A Scenario Planning approach was adopted from the outset with the introduction of the Quarterly Strategic Forum in March 1990.

A strong focus on in-company Strategy Regeneration Workshop facilitation was followed from the outset, followed later with the introduction of multi-disciplinary and customised in-company Leadership-, and Organisational Reinvention programmes to supply a holistic range of strategic products and services.


BMI -Building Research Strategy Consulting Unit assists organizations in developing the COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY FORESIGHT required to influence the direction and shape of industry evolution, and STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP as a way of business life.

We achieve this through EXCELLENCE in our CORE COMPETENCIES of:

  • Scenario learning
  • Strategic and scenario research
  • Strategy regeneration
  • Leadership reinvention
  • Organizational reinvention

Examples of research publications and projects since 1990 are shown on the EXPERIENCE page :

  • The Strategic Forum (established 1990) is a place of assembly for strategic conversations. Subscribers meet 3 times per year to discuss the State of the Economy; the State of the Building-, Construction-, and Property Environments and to make sense of the Future.
  • Many ad-hoc market research studies are conducted into new product positioning, feasibility studies, mergers, acquisitions and diversification strategies
  • BMI-BRSCU Maintain a comprehensive data-bank on the Market for Major Building Product Groups.

Our proprietary scenario planning process can be custom applied to any industry sector.