Examples of research publications and projects since 1990 are:

  • Current & Future Activity in the Building Industry in South Africa: 1992 – 2020, February 2016

  • Employment and Training in the Building- and Civil- Construction Industries 1996 – 2010, April 1996

  • Scenarios for the Building and Construction Industries in South Africa : 1996 – 2020 : The Engine for Growth Scenarios, ongoing

  • Towards a Collaborative Strategy for the Building Industry Cluster : 1998 – 2010 : The Strategic Forum Scenarios for South Africa and the Building Industry, February 1999

  • NBS Reinvention Scenarios for the Low Income Home Market Finance Industry, September 2000

  • Strategic Research into the MORTGAGE ORIGINATION MARKET for Old Mutual Bank, November 2000

  • The Strategic Forum Scenarios for South Africa and the Building Industry : 1999 – 2010, March 2001

  • Research into The BUY TO LET Market in South Africa for Nedbank, 2002

  • A Strategic Assessment of Black Economic Empowerment in the Building and Construction Industry System in South Africa : 2003 – 2015. October 2003

  • The Strategic Forum Scenarios for the Building-, Construction- and Property Industry System: Towards Breaking the Silo Paradigm. March 2004

  • Strategic Research into Property Ownership by Race & Gender in South Africa, 2005

  • Update of Strategic Assessment of BEE in the Building & Construction Industry System in SA : 2005

  • Development of profile and communication strategy for Exdev (Pty) Ltd for the launch of The Seers on Maude, 2006

  • Many ad-hoc market research studies into new product positioning, feasibility studies, mergers, acquisitions and diversification strategies


Scenario planning at the BMI Strategic Forum, pulls together the perceptions of about 50 – 60 participants from diverse disciplines in the building industry’s task- and remote-environment.


The BMI-BRSCU Strategic Forum is a powerful think tank, with the 50 – 60 participants, drawn from 40 of the most important organisations and associations in the building industry. The membership firms include construction, distribution, finance, development agencies and the major associations.


This group meets three times per annum and is provided with information on trends in the environment including socio-political developments and the macro- and micro economy with particular reference to the building industry. The input is provided by an experienced scenario team. The input at the quarterly meetings is followed by the identification and discussion of strategic issues, structural changes in the industry, trend breaks and future scenarios.


This is a unique, multi-disciplinary process, which does not exist in any other industry in the country. It follows a systems thinking and scenario planning approach which takes into account the linkages and the interdependencies of the industry with the political, economic, social and technological environment. The network of carefully selected associates of BMI-BRSCU is successful organisations which conduct sound research and this information is purchased by BMI-BRSCU, analysed and value added, based on experience and judgement.

BMI-BRSCU Maintain a data-bank on the Market for Major Building Product Groups. In-company strategy consulting conducted:
  • Dulux (Pty) Limited

  • Etienne Lewis Furnishers, Pretoria

  • Gauteng Housing Board

  • Hendler/Hart

  • Harvey Roofing Prod

  • IFCON (Iscor Limited)

  • Concor Construction

  • BITB (Building Industries Training Board)

  • Siphumelele Investments Limited


  • Peche Roofing Enterprises

  • Swartland

  • Gauteng Partnership Fund

  • Nedcor Bank Limited

  • Concor Technicrete

  • Concor Building

  • N.B.S.

  • ISCOR Steel

  • Thubelisha Homes

  • Concor Technicrete

  • Thabo Mbeki Development Trust for Disabled People

  • Initiated and facilitated a Collaborative Strategy Workshop, which culminated in the publication: Towards A Collaborative Strategy for the South African Building Industry Cluster (February 1999)(Main financial sponsor, Iscor Steel Head Office)

  • National Consultative Forum/New Movement Process (UDM)

  • Current & Future Activity in the Building Industry in South Africa: 1992 – 2020, February 2016