BMI-BRSCU Strategic Forum: 30 th November 2018

You are cordially invited to attend our last Strategic Forum meeting for the year on the 30th November 2018,

at the JHB Country Club, 1 Napier Street, Auckland Park.


The meeting commences promptly at 08:30 for 09:00 and terminates at 13:00.

The Strategic Forum was established in 1990 and from the outset followed a systemic, holistic approach which still applies today.

  1. Overview and setting the scene;
  2. The State of the Economy Dr Azar Jammine (Econometrix);
  3. The State of the Nation Theo Venter (Political Dynamics and NWU);
  4. The State of the Building and Construction Industry Dr Llewellyn Lewis (BMI-BRSCU)The Signals are talking in the Industry
    Sensemaking Update
    Integrated view of the Industry

In our presentations we focus attention on the need for understanding the Context of the Industry within which we operate. This has to do with developing an integrated, holistic, understanding of the Industry: IN ORDER TO DEVELOP THE BEST POSSIBLE STRATEGIC RESPONSE TO THE CHANGING ENVIRONMENT. Subscribers will recognise the presentations as designed to provide insight into the STRATEGIC PROCESS. We will be happy to present the package (Short- and Long-term context, Short-term indicators and Strategic Process), and interact with our Subscribers.

We are committed to provide our clients with the best possible benefit from our information package and to present it in the most useable format.  We propagate a continuous learning organisation culture, in particular through the development of a thorough understanding of the Strategic planning process and the necessity to base this on a fact-based view of the World and the Industry.

The recent book by Hans Rosling, “Factfulness: (Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World– and Why Things Are Better Than You think”), tells the story of the secret, silent miracle of human progress.  It turns out that the world, for all its imperfections is in a much better state than we might think. But when we worry about everything all the time instead of embracing a world view based on facts, we can lose our ability to focus on the things that threaten us most.

Think about the World. War, violence. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, corruption. Things are bad, and it feels like they are getting worse, right? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; and the number of poor just keep increasing, and we will soon run out of resources unless we do something drastic. At least that’s the picture that most Westerners see in the media and carry around in their heads. This is the overdramatic world view. It’s stressful and misleading.

In fact, Rosling shows, indisputably,  that step by step, year by year, the world is improving. Not on every single measure, every single year, but as a rule. Though the world faces huge challenges, we have made tremendous progress.  This is the fact-based worldview.

In fact, this is what we believe also applies to the Building Industry. It is NOT as bad as it is made out to be. We have well-founded, fact-based hope for an improving future. We must know and analyse the historical facts to develop a fact-based view of the Industry. Our presentations will provide Subscribers with the facts which will lead to the development of a new industry view,

A fundamental fact that we have emphasised for many years, is that our industry is large at some R500 Billion annually. It has critical mass, it has momentum and it has a future. And it is an engine for growth and wealth creation and property is a preferred investment.

When analysing “The signals are talking” which is derived from the press coverage of our industry (posted on our company Facebook) – highlighting the good and bad news, it is up to us to put the news into perspective with a fact-based view of the industry. All the information is posted on our website allowing for downloading and study.

To allow for effective planning please call Jennifer to confirm your attendance, or not.

Best regards,

Dr. Llewellyn B. Lewis Trading as BMI-BRSCU, Principal Consultant,
102, The Regent,
21 West Road South,
Morningside, Sandton 2057.


Nov 30 2018


The Country Club Johannesburg
The Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park, 1 Napier Road, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr Llewellyn B Lewis
082 884 0063

Other Organizers

Jennifer Lewis
074 250 3085
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