16th and 17th September, 2019
VENUE: Morningside, Sandton


This interactive 2-day programme aims to equip participants with thorough understanding of leadership and organisational reinvention as well as strategic leadership techniques.


We are living and working in very turbulent times, undergoing rapid change in the environment which necessarily requires flexibility, adaptability and rapid response. A thorough and ongoing understanding of the industry context is required in order to develop proactive strategies to gain or maintain competitive positioning. Since the Global financial crisis of 2008 has affected our Country adversely as demonstrated by the crisis experienced in the Building and Construction Industry with many iconic market leaders collapsing into Business rescue or bankruptcy.


The past 10 years have been characterised by precipitous decline and we are just slowly clambering out of the so-called “valley of death”. At this stage a better future is not guaranteed and the powerful messages from this ordeal are firstly that when the environment “tanks” then individual companies follow suit.


It is patently evident that Strategic Leadership and continuous innovation and reinvention are essential – just to survive. It is also evident that good governance and management are essential and corruption and bad faith are lethal tools against company performance.


Some analysts emphatically believe that the slaughter of our economy over the last 10 years may prove to be the final death blow to South Africa for many years to come. Already the droves of emigres (mostly highly educated and skilled young people) are draining expertise from our country.


Therefore, our Masterclass is a timeous intervention and you are urged to make use of it. Dr Lewis has over the last 30 years worked at providing the Industry with quality data (or context) and access to his unique and in-depth expertise in Strategic Leadership and Organisational Reinvention. Dr Lewis has collected and assembled a collage of essential historical and forecast industry data and has diligently developed the proprietary strategic and leadership tools to participants to make optimum use of it.


We look forward to host you on one of our programmes and to stay connected in future for ongoing strategic and value adding conversations.

Kindly complete the application form attached and forward to Jennifer at strategy@bmi-brscu.co.za or call @ 074 250 3085

Other dates and venues to be announced depending on interest.
These are available countrywide on request – please e-mail Jennifer at strategy@bmi-brscu.co.za or call 074 250 3085 or contact Dr Lewis @ 082 884 0063.


Best regards,

Dr. Llewellyn B. Lewis Trading as BMI-BRSCU,
Principal Consultant,
102, The Regent,
21 West Road South,
Sandton 2057.


Cell: Llewellyn: 082 884 0063; e-mail: research@bmi-brscu.co.za
Cell: Jennifer: 074 250 3085; e mail: strategy@bmi-brscu.co.za


Developing Industry Foresight
And Strategic Leadership as a Way of Business Life
Leaders make the impossible happen


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