Scenario planning at the BMI Quarterly Strategic Forum for the Building, Construction and Property Industries collates the perceptions of about 50 – 60 participants from diverse disciplines in the building industry’s task- and remote-environment.


The Quarterly Strategic Forum is a powerful think tank, with participants, drawn from 40 of the most important organisations and associations in the building industry. The membership firms include construction, distribution, finance, development agencies, Estate Agency Companies and the major associations.


It is always advantageous to be at the forefront and to be exposed to the best strategic information as regards the political, economic, macro- and micro economy as well as building/construction industry. Time and again, it has been shown that organisations that await one probable future, find themselves confused and disadvantaged when confronted with an unfavourable turn of events for which they are unprepared. Often, this crisis is one of several futures that could easily have been anticipated and if it had been, the organisation could have prepared itself to face the challenge.


We advocate that all organisations seeking to learn from the future, use a methodology that combines scenario development with the decision-making process of strategic management. This process of scenario learning can assist an organisation in understanding how to manage its future strategically – that is how to lay the foundations for tomorrow’s success while competing in today’s marketplace.


Our vision is to assist our clients in developing competitive industry foresight, through the scenario method and strategic leadership as a way of business life. Research confirms that industry foresight, scenario planning and strategic leadership are closely linked.


The prime question to be addressed by organisations is whether they are equipped for the future; whether they can continuously reposition themselves for competitive advantage ahead of change. This is best done by measuring the organisation’s strategic vision against the scenarios of the future business environment to establish the degree of fit and to pro-actively develop new competencies, new strategic alliances or joint ventures, to close the gap.


This process is now into its 28th year and we are proud that it is a respected and valuable service to the industries and its broader environment in South Africa. Our 40 subscribing organisations are drawn from a broad spectrum of associations, contractors, distributors, financial institutions and large corporations in the country and we are assured that the BMI-BRSCU Strategic Forum has assisted them in developing industry foresight.



The scenario team comprises a multi-disciplinary core of South Africa’s leading figures in the economic, political and building fields and their efforts are complemented by inputs of other experts participating on an ad-hoc basis. This philosophy has enabled the team to constantly produce authoritative information, which is recognised by decision-makers, and practising professionals.



For a nominal annual subscription each subscriber will receive the direct benefit of research studies and quarterly workshops to the value of over R500 000 per annum.



All information provided as part of the service is subject to copyright. A confidentiality agreement forms an integral part of the subscription package.

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