Survey Results

  • The State of the Nation: Sept 2015

  • The State of the Building-, Construction- and Property Industry: Sept 2017 (Presentation)

  • The State of the Residential Property Market: Nov 2013

  • Scenarios for South Africa: 2017 – 2020


  • The Strategic Forum is not simply an assembly where strategic conversations take place
  • By attaching it to a Web-site – putting it on-line, making it interactive, allowing it to learn – we’re attempting to practice what we teach
  • We share details of just about everything we do in a holistic empowering process
  • It is based on the Silicon Valley model, where views are readily shared
  • We appreciate that spreading knowledge quickly increases everyone’s learning, and we know there is more than enough opportunity to go around
  • By giving away information we attract more ideas from our clients in a mutually reinforcing learning cycle

Consequently our Subscription Agreement includes a confidentiality undertaking and respect of our Intellectual Property. Your User Name and Password is an undertaking of trust, user specific and should not be shared with anyone. If you think another person in your organisation should have access to the information this can be arranged. By accessing information via your User Name and Password you undertake to use information for your organisation only and not to share it with anyone outside your organisation. When you leave your organisation the copying of the proprietary information is strictly prohibited and this forms part of the Subscription Agreement.