The BMI STRATEGY CONSULTING UNIT offers a systems approach to strategic planning which is eminently appropriate to the rapidly changing socio-political environment.

Our services are geared to providing far more than conventional research, conventional operational efficiencies or traditional strategies. We aim to help clients develop strategies that will take root and come alive in a vastly more turbulent and competitive marketplace; i e to assist organisations in developing strategic leadership as a way of business life. Research confirms that industry foresight, strategic leadership and scenario planning are closely linked. The prime question to be addressed by organisations, is whether they are well equipped for the future, whether it can continuously reposition itself for competitive advantage, ahead of change. This is achieved by considering the organisation’s strategic vision against the scenarios of the future business environment, to establish the degree of fit.


The strategic regeneration and planning approach followed by BMI-SCU therefore takes a holistic view of the environment, identifying trends, core driving forces, strategic issues and key uncertainties and looks into the future by developing scenarios and industry foresight. Scenario planning is dynamic. The focus of attention needs to be on the ongoing strategic conversation, penetrating both the formal and informal exchange of views through which the strategic understanding develops – and strategic leadership results.


Our contribution to the strategic conversation is by creating (via our Quarterly Strategic Forum) “… events through which views can be exchanged outside the pressure of immediate decision-making.” (Kees van der Heijden : 1997), triggered by thought- provoking inputs from our scenario team of experts.


We can facilitate strategy regeneration workshops for your company.


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